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CVs, Resumes, & Personal Statements

Come to us to organize information and write a strong personal statement for med or grad school. We can also help you with supplemental questions, secondaries, MMIs, CVs, and more.

Creative Essays and Research Papers
No matter the topic, we can help you with form and content for a variety of papers. Our staff has experience in professional writing, and teaching humanities and scientific subjects respectively.


We are here to help the newspaper team, as well as those of you who like to create social media and journalistic content for online or paper release. 

Media Content

Want to bolster your social media posts and get more clicks? Come see us for tips on what to include! Making a video? Need to make a podcast? We can help you there, too!

Core Writing Skills

We run a variety of workshops on the fundamental, so come see us there, or book a session to improve your core writing skills. Whether you have particular challenges, or just want a refresher, we can help you.


Lab Reports

Some of your instructors may ask you to visit the Studio for assistance and feedback on lab reports. Please just bring us your rubrics and we are happy to assist! We are all set to help with both technical and creative writing. Bring your reports in even if it's not required! We can help you with language and readability.

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